Date:     March 27, 2022

Re:         Ukrainian support by Foundation


WSAVA Foundation is committed to handle the Zoetis Foundation support for Ukraine, to facilitate activities immediately and continuing into the post war phase. We propose to split the donation in two phases, where at least 50% would be used immediately and the remaining part for post war re-building facilities, thus enable longer term support.


Our initial focus will include:

  1. supply of medical material to Ukrainian colleagues
  2. financial funds to be sent to USAVA (Ukrainian Small Animal Veterinary Association)
  3. joining forces with other donors to match their contribution



  1. We will be open to suggestions regarding material, pet food etc. which at this time can be coordinated between members of the SAVLMZ or the Slovak Veterinary Chamber and Polish or any other neighboring country veterinary association with transportation to the border to transfer to Ukrainian veterinarians/contacts. Food for animals. There is a need for cat food. (Currently there is more food for dogs and not enough for cats.)
    1. 30% of funds for immediate support to purchase material for veterinary interventions and ship to Ukraine.


  1. USAVA has set up a chain of association members in different cities in Ukraine where they can receive food and medicine and distribute them further to veterinary clinics and shelters that really need it. These people are verified, will receive humanitarian aid, deliver it directly to people and animals, and will generate a detailed report on the transfer of humanitarian aid.
    1. Please refer to attached table for the USAVA Assistance Offices packages sent to Ukraine for due diligence purposes. From these locations, products and medicines will be distributed further in Ukraine.
    2. 30% of funds for immediate support to clinics listed in table below.


  1. USAVA single current account and details for support and charitable contributions:
    1. 30% of funds for immediate support sent directly to USAVA for immediate aid.
    2. Sample payment order in favor of clients

Joint Stock SIBAN “Pivdenny” in EUR & USD.


Beneficiary Name of the beneficiary: Ukrainian Small Animal Veterinary Association

Address of the  beneficiary: Genuezska str.24 a, Odessa, 65009, Ukraine

Account UA173282090000026008010048132


Odessa, Ukraine




Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany


400886522200 EUR



New York, USA


Account number꞉ 8900319313 USD

Details of payment Назначение платежа


Contact person for USAVA:

Vladlen Ushakov,Dr. Vet. Med.PhD (veterinary medicine).

President of USAVA (Ukrainian Small Animal Veterinary Association).

Presidential Academy of human resource management.

Associate professor of veterinary hygiene and animal breeding.

School of Veterinary Medicine.

VNAU (Vinnytsia National Agrarian University).


“USAVA congress” <>



  1. Provide Ukrainian vets free of charge access to any of Vetlexicon Canis, Felis, Exotis, Lapis, Equis and ovis) educational services that would help them in clinical work for companion animal equidae and cattle as a Courtesy of VetStream.


  1. Post war rebuilding – the remaining portion of total donation. Discussions to follow with Ukrainian colleagues and Zoetis Foundation to determine best course of action.


USAVA Assistance Offices

Kyiv city

New post office 19

Raduznaya 49 str.

+380(93)889 63 60

Andriy Lyashchenko

Veterinary Clinic “Friend”


Odesa city

New post office 4

Grigoriev Ivan

+380(97)392 99 82

Ivana Franko 45a str.

Veterinary clinic “Dr. Ushakov clinic”


Zaporizhia city

New post office 3

Borodinskaya 52 str.

Glushchenko Yuliya

+380(97)984 82 60

Veterinary Clinic “Best”

Odessa region, Izmail city

New post office 1

Marinov Alexey

+380(96)693 10 10

Grecheskaya 26 str.

Veterinary Clinic “VetAlex”



Poltava city

New post office 2

Likhoshvay Yurij

+380(50)668 66 61

Yevhen Konovalets Boulevard, 4/2 str.

Veterinary Clinic “Vet Comfort”



Vladlen Ushakov (President of Ukrainian Small Animals Veterinary Association);;

+380503369810 (Viber; WhatsApp).