AFSCAN Congress


The BSAVA supports AFSCAN Congress in Memory of Professor Michael Day.


We are thrilled to announce that the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) has generously committed to supporting the annual AFSCAN Congress. This meaningful contribution honours Professor Michael Day’s memory.

Prof. Day was a past president of BSAVA and a member of both the AFSCAN Board and the WSAVA Foundation Board. His impact on veterinary medicine worldwide has been immeasurable. His significant contributions and outstanding body of work stand as a remarkable legacy for the entire veterinary profession.

The BSAVA’s support to the AFSCAN Congress in Professor Michael Day’s memory not only reflects their dedication to advancing veterinary medicine in African countries but also pays homage to a visionary leader who left an indelible mark on the field.

We express our sincere gratitude to the BSAVA for their support and commitment to honouring Professor Michael Day’s legacy.

African Small Companion Animal Network – AFSCAN, is one of the key projects for the WSAV Foundation, more information on all activities you can find here:



2nd AFSCAN -3rd KESCAVA Annual Congress Brief Report

The Kenya Small and Companion Animal Veterinary Association (KESCAVA) held its 3rd Annual Congress at the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa from the 23rd to 26th of August 2023. This also doubled up as the 2nd AFSCAN Annual Congress. Alongside the congress, KESCAVA was honoured to host AFSCAN’s annual board and country ambassadors’ meeting,which was held on 22nd August 2023. In attendance were the AFSCAN board President, Dr Gabriel Varga, and board members Dr. Kevin Stevens, Prof. Mary Marcondes, and Dr. Derick Chibeu, while Dr. Remo Lobetti attended virtually. Country ambassadors in attendance were Drs. Lilyan Mathai (Kenya), Sam Oketch (Uganda), Alex Chang’a (Tanzania), Ntombi Mudenda (Zambia), Alexandra Marko Namibia), KoneyBoye Mensah Kwao (Ghana) and Olatunji Nassir (Nigeria). Also invited to attend the board meeting as prospective new members were Drs. Jean-Claude Manirambona (Burundi) and Samuel DersoTezera (Ethiopia). The AFSCAN team also attended the main congress and field day/community outreach.

1AFSCAN Board and Country Ambassadors

The scientific congress involved three (3) days of lectures on various topics delivered as face-to-face and online presentations. The congress was also made available online for delegates in Kenya. The speakers and topics given at the congress were of the highest quality. The congress achieved a total of 123 participants (79 physical and 44 online), includingDr. Obadiah Njagi, Director of Veterinary Services, State Department of Livestock, Ministry of Livestock Development; Dr. Christopher Wanga, Director of Livestock Policy, Education and Research, State Department of Livestock, Ministry of Livestock Development; and Dr. Mary-Theresa Agutu, Acting CEO, Kenya Veterinary Board.

The scientific congress was followed by a community outreach activity held in a remote village in Kilifi County at Bahati Primary School, Tezo, on 26th August 2023.The main focus was on mass Rabies vaccination and public education on zoonotic diseases. Livestock and small animals were vaccinated against rabies and ecto- and endo-parasite controlwas done. The team also had a temporary field theatre where they spayed and neutered cats and dogs.The total number of animals attended are 208. 10 cats and 109 dogs were vaccinated against Rabies (Total 119 vaccinations). There were 6 dog castrations; 2 cat castrations; 3 cat spays and 6 bitch spays (Total 17 surgeries). The number of livestock dewormed and/or treated was 61 goats and 28 cattle (total 89).