AFSCAN BSAVA Scholarship Report for 2023 BSAVA Congress Scholar: Goodluck Mwangawa Gaudence


I would like to express my sincerely gratitude to AFSCAN BSAVA for this opportunity to attend extraordinary BSAVA 2023 Veterinary Congress in Manchester. I have got wonderful life experience had not yet attended such a big Vet congress before in my carrier. Care from people was of high standard making sure that I don’t get lost all the way from home and also I don’t get bored in Congress. I have learned a lot from wonderful speakers, face to face conversation with Vets while networking, attending lectures, panel discussion, exhibition and hand on practice at the practical Village. Receiving BSAVA Annual membership opportunity together with Small animal formulary book is such a great thing where I can have access to missed sessions in the congress. I tell you that what I have learned will not only end up with me in my facility but rather far to reach over 150 Small animal Veterinary Practitioners in Tanzania who are members of Tanzania Small Animal Veterinary Organization (TASAVO) where we meet monthly.

From this opportunity I learned and keep learning a lot. I can’t mention all, Antimicrobial Stewardship.

Proper use of antimicrobial including antibiotics for the purpose of getting good outcome from the patient while reducing microbial resistance therefore lowering spread of infections caused by multidrug resistant organisms. This is important in my environment where the rate of infectious diseases is high.

End of life care.

After deciding Euthanasia, Pet Parent has to be well informed including expectation of action. Helps to accept what might sometime happen while ending life. Taking time talk to parent is crucial as well as revising protocol used for the action. On my experience this has been a difficult part of my Carrier in my working environment because of some factors however now Clients are getting to know why Euthanasia has to be done when it’s time to do so.

Allergic Dermatitis.

Proper history taking and thorough physical examination to clinical signs presented will lead to proper diagnosis to cause of allergy hence multimodal treatment approach can be applied.

General practice presentations.

Clockwise Ovariohysterectomy (OH) in dog, fast and saves much time compared to convention OH. Proper way of managing Animal hoarders will help me to plan and make strategies for the control of animal population among hoarders.

Practical Village.

Ilearned proper way of using microscope and cleaning after use. Also I examined different microscopic slides with the presented history coming into diagnosis. I Practiced how to use endoscope and how to take biopsy. Different positioning for dental radiographs. Also proper preparation of surgical sites together with practicing suturing different techniques and applying different knots e.g modified miller’s knot.

Leadership skills.

Time management, prioritization, language used in team communication and maangement, quick adaptations to changes, importance of feedback are few to mention from leadership skills session.

From all these and much more, Scholarship is worthful for development of African Small Animals Veterinary practitioners and the future leaders of Veterinary Field in Africa.