Distance learning

Distance learning and point of care information will enable the continuing development of practitioners in Consortium countries and “fill the gaps” between the events and conferences so that the benefits of the program will be longer lasting than the inevitably sporadic conferences and events.

All AFSCAN participants are entitled to free membership of VetFolio and able to access Vetstream Canis and Felis thanks to generous sponsorship by KRUUSE.

Vetstream, the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) and UK charity Computers4Africa to deliver the program, providing access to a range of CE resources, including Vetstream’s Canis and Felis point of care information; the full range of content of NAVC and AAHA’s VetFolio, and the proceedings from WSAVA Congresses on computers and internet connected devices donated by UK veterinary practices and repurposed by Computers4Africa.

NAVC and AAHA will provide membership of Vetfolio for veterinarians in participating consortium countries. This provides more than 500 hours of RACE-approved educational courses, interactive learning tracks and NAVC and AAHA recorded sessions as well as a fully interactive discussion forum.

Vetstream will provide subscriptions to its Canis and Felis clinical information services about the veterinary treatment of dogs and cats to for all veterinarians in participating consortium countries.

  • Due to the vast territory and limited resources, distance learning is a key element of the educational part.
  • VetFolio is a ready-to-use continuing education and community product accessible via any internet enabled device for veterinarians in practice enabling remotely located practices to link to other professionals around the world.
  • Vetstream Canis and Felis are peer reviewed multimedia point-of-care encyclopaedias with content from more than 900 leading veterinary clinicians from around the world, which are updated weekly about the veterinary treatment of dogs and cats and which are accessible via any internet enabled device.
  • NAVC and AAHA, Vetstream, WSAVA and the WSAVA Foundation share the vision of global improvement of knowledge.