The AFSCAN Studentship Award

This grant will enable African undergraduate veterinary students to spend time during their last two years of study participating in a research project in a laboratory, either at their own veterinary school or elsewhere. It is important that the chosen project addresses issues related to disease or the welfare of companion animals of relevance to African society.

Successful applicants will receive a studentship of US$1,000 to cover their living expenses for the period of the award (US$500) and bench fees or consumables for the research project (US$500).

This Award is open to all veterinary undergraduates (in the final two years of study) in the AFSCAN- participating countries [Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia] with applications made not by students, but by their veterinary school, college or faculty. Each veterinary educational establishment is able to put forward ONE application for their top student.

Each application must be accompanied by a letter of endorsement from the University (Dean of the School).

All applications will be considered through a formal peer-review process with potential projects reviewed for scientific validity. The final decision will made by the AFSCAN Project Board.

Full details of the Awards, application processes and terms and conditions are available at Applications are now open and the closing date is 30th September 2022.

Completed applications must be submitted by e-mail ( ) with the
subject of the message clearly indicating ‘AFSCAN Studentship Award Nomination’. The successful applicants will be informed through their veterinary school and/or local AFSCAN Ambassador.

More information on the AFSCAN initiative is available at

AFSCAN Studentship Application
AFSCAN Studentship Final Report


Student Supervisor Institution Project Year of Award
Julius Luvanga John Kipanyula Sokoine University, Tanzania Haematological parameters in dogs 2016
Esther Ombura Lilly Bebora University of Nairobi, Kenya AMR in dogs 2017
Lois Sanni Ajadi Adetola University of Agriculture, Ogun State, Nigeria Arthritis in dogs 2017
Victor Ishengoma Emmanuel Batamuzi Sokoine University, Tanzania TVT in dogs 2017
Freddy Samuntu Dr Alec Bishi University of Namibia Development of companion animal vaccination database 2018
Wasswa Auther Tamale Mamala Samuel Posian Makerere University, Uganda Prevalence of canine GI helminths and risk of zoonosis; Kampala, Uganda 2018
Palesa Caroline Mphaka Hezron Emmanuel Nonga Sokoine University, Tanzania Prevalence of MRSA in dogs and owners; Morogoro, Tanzania 2018
Emma Sakala Musso Munyeme University of Zambia Babesiosis in dogs in Lusaka District 2019
Mlewa Waziri Erick Komba Sokoine University Tanzania Health of cats in Morogoro District 2019
Alex Kyabarongo Tayebwa Dickson Makerere University Uganda AMR of E. coli from dogs in Kampala 2019
Sharon Ngigi Paul Mbuthia University of Nairobi, Kenya Seasonality of skin diseases in dogs 2019